Happy 75th Birthday, S. Clay Wilson!

Wilson turns 75 today! Kevin Webster made him this fabulous mask which I will frame rather than cut out, it’s such a masterpiece. I’ll give him his ca

Birthday Mask

Birthday Mask

rds and read him his birthday wishes & snail mail….but the gathering of The Usual Suspects won’t take place until Sunday, the 31st. This breaks his CARDINAL RULE about celebrating birthdays on the actual day, but it’s a MONDAY, for one thing….and my own health issues are making it better to do later. So next Sunday it is. I’ll post photos of it next week, I promise!

Please send him some birthday wishes & anecdotes here or on his Facebook pages, and I will read them to him.

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  1. Douglas Roycrot Says:

    Happy Birthday, SCW! Hope it’s a happy one.
    Thank you for the great pleasure you have given me over the years with your art. I’m sorry you are still bent out of shape. I am too – from a car crash in ’10.
    I bet you know now why they call this period of life, The Golden Years.,
    I’m 78 now. Catch me if you can!

    Best Regards, Douglas Roycroft

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