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Saturday, August 10th, 2013

securedownload-31securedownload-29securedownload-27Wilson was happy all day on his birthday. He smiled as I read him emails & cards while he opened his presents and took phone calls. Thanks to everyone who wrote to him, donated to the Trust, and called to sing the song! The following Sunday, I had a party for him. It was a great success, as he spent the whole time in the living room with his pals. (Sometimes he is known to hide in the bedroom when people come to visit, so this was an extremely successfulsecuredownload-11 day.) Thanks to Marilyn for the checkered cake & fried chicken. And to Ace, John Riddell, Phaetons, Bill Carlson, Donna Safiotti & Eugene McCarthy for coming to spend time with him. The gifts he got in the mail were all a hit as well. I am grateful to everyone who helped make this such a happy day for him.