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6th Wedding Anniversary August 10, 2010!

Wednesday, August 10th, 2016

Wilson and Lorraine Chamberlain were married in the company of Spain Rodriguez, Susan Stern and Skip Ziobran on Aug 10, 2010 at City Hall. It was a glorious day, Calloo! Callay! We chortled in our joy……I Do! We nearly shouted....He's so handsome.....American Gothis?

However, instead of celebrating, we need to move him to Tunnell Center on Pine Street. He cannot walk, and we need a moment to hire more help, and get the proper equipment. Wish us luck.

Wilson Coming Home From the Hospital!

Friday, August 5th, 2016

Bringing him home  I’m bringing Wilson home today, to resume nursing care here,  with physical therapy starting on Monday for about six weeks. Still on antibiotics, but on the mend. Yay oh goody! Thanks one and all for all the good juju!

Out of ICU and On the Mend!

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2016

Wilson  was much improved today, as you can see by his peaches & cream complexion, bright eyes, and the sweet expression on his face. He had just been grinning from ear to ear!  His attitude was much improved, with lots of mystifying comments

Sweet man on the mend.

Sweet man on the mend.

in his own special language……to which I frequently reply with “oh really? Well that’s good” or the like. He is happy when I agree with him, so I do. I really do!

Tomorrow I hope to speak with his doctors and get a plan in place for returning home just as soon as it’s safe, and he is really well.

It has been a challenge going up there to the hospital, since I’m getting profoundly crippled lately, and need to be in the hospital my own self!

Just as soon as Wilson is all squared away, I will then make a plan for some much-needed repairs on my own body. I am in magnificent pain, which cannot continue or I will go mad, very much like my grandmother did at age 52. At least I’ve made it twenty more years than she did. But I need to return to good health, so Wilson and I can truly return to having fun with the last few years of our lives, and enjoy each other, our friends, and this beautiful world.

Wilson in Emergency Surgery Today

Monday, August 1st, 2016

I had to dial 911 yesterday,Going to the ERtaking Wilson to the ER as guests were arriving for his belated birthday party. He couldn’t take a step, nor answer any questions. His blood pressure was ok, but He was running a fever. He has an infection in the brain shunt, and they are performing revision surgery on it this afternoon. I am very worried. I will let you know how he is doing when I know more.

Incidentally, anyone who sent cards to our PO Box might have had it returned. I didn’t realize it was time to pay for it again, and hadn’t checked it for two weeks! I’m just so crippled lately. It’s difficult to go there, and I had let it go too long. Instead of notifying me, they simply returned everything. It is still the same number. It’s all functioning again. You can send it back!