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We’re still hanging in there.

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

It’s been awhile since I posted an update about our favorite grumpy old man, I know. Some of my own health issues seem to have slowed me down, and procrastination has entered the building. Oh, the horror. My sincere apologies.

Beardless Wilson!

Beardless Wilson!

I had to shave Wilson’s chin. He was getting a skin condition under it which was becoming unmanageable. Now that it’s cleared up, when I inquire if he’d like to grow it back, he always says no.

The minute it was gone, I was reminded of the time in 2002 when I decided to leave him. Not because I’d stopped loving him, but because his drinking made staying impossible. He never drank every day, but when he did it was to the bottom of the bottle in a flurry of increasingly nasty insults. I had to go. I shipped my things to NY, and was nearly ready to go when Wilson suddenly shaved his whole face.

WTF? I asked.

“I figured if I looked like someone else, maybe you’d stay”. Indeed, he was unrecognizable. But not in a good way.

His pal Ace arrived the next day for a lunch date. When Wilson answered his knock, pulling the door open, Ace pushed in past him saying “Jesus you look ugly, Steve. No WONDER she’s leaving you!”

We laughed at him for his crackpot idea. It was a romantic gesture that couldn’t possibly have worked at the time, but was pretty adorable in hindsight. Now, after tending to his gorgeous face for the past eight years, it seems weird for it to be gone. But it just became too uncomfortable for him. I’m already used to this much less dramatic looking Wilson, and have grown fond of this sweeter look. I’ll take a better picture another day, when he’s going out for his walk. He still looks distinguished with his long silver hair and moustache, eh?

Thanks for checking in with us. Much love to you all, and many thanks for your ¬†continued support of Wilson’s Trust. We would be suffering so much more without it!

I hope this year improves for everyone. It’s been a real interesting first 30 days, watching what’s going on in the White House. But I’ll not go there now…… I wouldn’t be able to stop.

PS During my absence, Wilson called me every single day at noon, begging me to come back home. It took ten months for me to do it. I have never left his side since.