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It Was A Very Happy Birthday!

Tuesday, July 30th, 2019
Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Sneering, perhaps?

Sneering, perhaps?

A glance out the window

A glance out the window

Wilson awoke on July 25, his 78th birthday, with bright eyes, after three days spent asleep most of the time. It was reassuring to see that just like a Nebraska Farm Boy, however, he awoke at every MEALTIME with predictable regularity…even though it seemed like he might be slipping away from us for good the rest of the time! It was a stressful 3 days, checking his temp, running the oxygen, and checking his vitals 24/7.

I guess he was resting up for the festivities?

I read him all of the fabulous Facebook greetings, reported all of your donations, and opened his cards for him. I didn’t arrange a party for that day, since he’d been so PUNY, so I’ll put together a little gathering in a couple of weeks to make up for it. He can only handle a few people at a time anyway, so it will be a modest production.

I couldn’t get a smile out of him for these pics, but I did have a laugh myself when he appeared to SNEER at me, as though he thought I might snatch that cash from his pal Maddog, in New Jersey! He loved all the cards & messages, and the Checkered Demon (in the Checkered box!) from Kevin Webster.

Thanks to everyone for the calls & messages, and for your generous donations to his Special Needs Trust. He looked pleased every time I announced one to him, as he still likes to feel he’s “earning” money!

Love to all…..Lorraine

Show ‘N Tell Sunday

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019


Ace came for a visit a couple of Sundays ago, bringing a collection of Wilson’s illustrated letters from years ago for a session of Bedside Show ‘n Tell. I left them alone for much of the time, so they could enjoy their time together without interruption from “The old Lady”. Turned out Ace needed no interpreter to aid in communicating with his silent old friend.

Wilson had to remain in bed, as our effort to get him up was met with Wilson’ characteristic resistance, and though we tried, it was impossible for us to get him to stand without putting us in traction. We gave up when I realized Wilson’s tiny butt was lower than the mattress, which can be the point of no return if you aren’t careful, and instead of getting up, it could turn into a controlled descent to the floor! That’s when a call to 911 for some strapping Firemen to come help is necessary. They can lift him back onto the bed like a butterfly, but then we’d be faced with trying to get him back out of his transport chair, later. I’ve never called for help twice in a day! The humiliation would be just too much. They might think those old geezers were too inept to take care of him, and decide to take him with them. No thanks! So we got him gently back into his original position, and Ace sat on the other bed right next to him. It worked out just fine.

I took pictures with both Wilson & Ace, but he kept tilting his head back – chin in the air, so all I could get was his NECK, basically. So I cropped him out.  I’ll post some other recent pics of Wilson from another day soon. Thanks for spending such a long time with him, Ace. He was noticeably cheered up by your visit!