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Birthday Boy – July 25, 2021

Sunday, July 25th, 2021

Gone swimming

King Neptune & his bride

King Neptune & his bride

Wilson would have turned 80 today. I’m taking him down to the Bay, where I plan to launch him off the end of the dock at a friend’s bar. Something I’m surprised hadn’t already happened to him before, when he was alive!

Ill write more about the ceremonies taking place across the country all the way to France, in the coming week, after I can get someone here to fix this website & PayPal button. I want to include some pictures for you!

I think he’d have approved. He always did so love a birthday celebration..especially his own. I am so sorry he missed this one, but he’s gone off to see the world…a pirate in search of adventure. He must wait for his mermaid Queen to join him at a later date…he will, as always, have exciting stories to tell me…..

Until that time, I carry him gently in my heart.

I’M STILL HERE! ♥️♥️♥️

Tuesday, July 6th, 2021

Hi there friends…..

I’m sorry I haven’t written more. I can’t seem to download new pictures,so it’s hampered my ability to produce more content. I like to put pictures with my stories! And this one is about the DONATE BUTTON.

NOW PAYPAL has a new BUTTON CODE. So if you try to DONATE to me…and I do need this help…..PayPal says this account is DEACTIVATED!

NO! It’s not! But the BUTTON is an old code! I will try to see if my neighbor can help me fix it with the new code PayPal has emailed to me.

STAY TUNED! I’ll be back, and appreciate every single person who helped us for the 12 years I was taking care of my darling Wilson. You are all CHAMPIONS.
I miss him more every day. Anyone who says TIME heals all forgot to mention the ebb & flow of such a loss. Time, in this case, could be infinite. I’ve been struggling with it more as his birthday approaches…..

But I’m trying to snap out of it. I just started working with a Physical Therapist, and hope to become more ambulatory in the coming months.

I’ll fix this Donate button later today or HEADS WILL ROLL!

Love ye all.