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Rest In Peace February 7, 2021

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

I’m so sorry to tell you that my darling Wilson died in my arms on Sunday afternoon, at 4pm. I’d played Muddy Waters, Howlin Wolf & John Lee Hooker on YouTube for him all morning, then switched to Gyuto Monks chanting for Freedom at the Top of the World…he always loved that Tuvan Throat singing….I placed little solar lanterns on the bed as it got dark out…just party lights over the mantle…..he loved their soft glow…”we all need better lighting as we grow old, right,darling?” I’d laughed with him about that only the night before and he winked. I hadn’t heard his voice for two days, but he agreed with a tiny smirk.

I had promised I’d take care of him, protect him, and keep him safe. He trusted me to keep him alive for 12 years and I did that until it was truly time for him to go. He looked beautiful and at peace…he grew cold, and I raised the quilt up under his chin with his trusty smiling toy giraffe, Mambo, lying with his face right next to his, under the covers. I kept sitting with him and talking to him until they came at 8pm to collect him. A new carer, Stephanie, helped move the bookshelf & portfolios from the long hallway so they could take him out lying down, serenely. I was horrified at the thought they might have to strap him onto that firemen’s chair, bolt upright, weaving past that stuff and bumping down the five steps, to the sidewalk. I didn’t want them to hurt him or bump him……we made a nice wide empty hallway for him to glide through, his whole long length of him relaxed on his journey…

I know this website looked strange for several months, with a “Not Secure” notice…I didn’t know but someone tried to hack it! I was too busy with Wilson’s decline to even check it. But It has been scrubbed & made safe again.
If you feel inclined to donate to the Special Needs Trust again, Wilson’s very crippled Widow would very much appreciate it. I’m grateful for all the years of support you have given to us…you’ve made it possible to afford a phone, cable, WiFi, streaming movies for all these years! We’d have been cut off from the world without your generosity. For that, I thank you. Wilson loved watching movies every day, and at bedtime we always ended by watching a standup comic. He wasn’t able to speak, but he understood what was said, so sometimes he’d holler “Nahhh” and I’d ask “You don’t like this one?” And he’d say “NO” I’d laugh, agreeing with him, and search for another performer. “Pretty funny how you can’t remember how to brush your teeth, but you’re a MOVIE CRITIC and a know it all of all things regarding HUMOR. “Yahhhh” he’d say, self satisfied, meaning “How could it be otherwise?”

I quite agree and concur.

Please look on our Facebook pages for Tributes to him, and add your own. I’ll read them all. They are a great comfort.
I’ll continue to write on here, and hope you’ll check in now & then.

I will never stop loving Wilson. I’m alone in this house with all his things and our long history together. It doesn’t just end. I keep getting up to go check on him….I burst into tears like I’m doing right now. I don’t know how this is properly done..saying good bye…

But you all deserve condolences, too. I’m sorry for YOUR loss as well.

Big Love and gratitude….Lorraine

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