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Happy Holidaze 2012

Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Wishing all a peaceful season. I have been fighting the flu the past few weeks, so it’s been a little slow around here. I did manage to get out this week for a few hours to catch up with Xmas shopping for Wilson. I got him an antique ironWWI nurse (possibly Florence Nightingale?) carrying a pan of blood, and a sailor in whites, kneeling over a giant machine gun for his collection on the mantle. Also the requisite slippers & socks.

Ken Weaver came all the way from France last Thursday for a visit. Wilson was so excited he managed to say whole sentences, which have become a rarity this past year…… and they did a lot of laughing. Then, his pals, Cousin Marilyn, Ace, Carlson, Rick, & Eugene came on Saturday with cookies and hot cider. (Wilson ate so many cookies & candies he was not interested in dinner til late in the evening). He is always happy after seeing his friends. I’m just grateful he hasn’t become utterly bored with me yet!

Thanks to everyone for the abundance of cards and letters flying thru the mail slot the past few weeks. He loves it when I sit down and read them all to him.

I’ll try to write more often on here this year. I’m always so busy, I’ve not been doing that as often as I should. I do read him your messages, and tell him about the donations he receives. Best to all, and a peaceful 2013!