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A National Holiday…..

Thursday, June 16th, 2011

Wilson turns 70 on July 25, 2011! I am hoping to figure out how to celebrate this event, and will let you know soon.

We lost our caregiver, Joey, 3 weeks ago. He quit to move to LA, and we miss him terribly. Our new caregiver, Aaron, starts on Monday, June 20th. It will take a while to get used to someone new, but he is a lovely guy with lots of experience, so I have high hopes. It’s been a long three weeks taking care of him by myself!

I took Wilson to see the Pulp Fashion show at the Palace of the Legion of Honor last week, which was fantastic. (and yes…he liked it). We also went to “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” in 3D by Herzog. A truly incredible movie. We tried to go for a walk along the beach the other day, but the ┬áDrive was closed due to sand drifts! It’s been terribly windy in SF the past couple of weeks. Apparently, you get sand blasted if you try to walk there when this weather event is going on. We had to stroll elsewhere, inland.

Please write something to Wilson, and/or send a donation to the Trust for his birthday. I promise to read everything to him on his Birthday Morning as I did last year. (He loved it, and felt like it was a party as I read them to him.) I’ll post some new photos on here from this Big Holiday.

Thank you all!