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Methusaleh Birthday June 22!

Sunday, June 23rd, 2024
Time zooms by in a drawing by Kliban

Time zooms by in a drawing by Kliban

I had a fabulous birthday yesterday with my niece , Michele from Colorado!

Rena helped transformed my dressing room into a guest room, and it’s been great having her here for a few days. We were enjoying each other so much, though, I forgot to write anything on here or even on Facebook. I must catch up!

My health has taken a turn, been to the ER & Hospital 5 times in the past 8weeks for tests, Ultrasounds, etc. I’m getting my left leg scanned soon. But enough about THAT! Too scary!

If you can help, I’d be eternally grateful. The coffers are nearly empty. A small donation would keep the WiFi on. I’m still a Hermit & this is my only connection to the outside world. Just click on the handy PayPal button on the upper left, and I’ll send a thank you note! One day soon I’ll be getting rid of everything. I’ll post an announcement later this summer.

Then finally you could actually GET SOMETHING BACK!

Thanks for looking in. It’s been 3 1/2 years since Wilson passed. I’ve been frozen in time. This morning when Alfred (Old friend of Chamberlain & now my ancient Lodger) brought me tea, he said “Good morning, Lorraine.” I was dreaming of Wilson and awoke THRILLED, thinking he’d regained his speech! Then realized alas, it was only a dream, it was Alfred, and my heart sank for a minute.

Reality. Dammit! But grateful for Alf’s morning ritual, and his Brit gift for making a great cup of tea.