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Halloween’s coming!

Monday, October 26th, 2020


I have been silent too long, I know. Wilson has had severe lung congestion, but he’s been better the past week, so I feel better, too.He was suffering so much with all the suctioning & I was checking him every hour all night long, giving him oxygen & re-positioning him so he didn’t snore like a freight train & feel like he was drowning. Pretty exhausting for us both, though he’s been so cooperative! I’d take the treatment mask off his face & find him smiling sweetly at me..grateful for the care. Just the most adorable expression!


So far we have been spared the Pandemic, as Rena is very careful, and I’ve not gone anywhere since March 1st! That will change tomorrow when I go to Walgreen’s for a Flu shot! Oh, the horror! I wish I could go there inside a bubble.

We lost our beloved friend, artist David Geiser, suddenly last week. It hit me hard, as he’s been such a great friend by regularly sending pictures of recent works to show Wilson, and calling. He started calling every other week since the shutdown, as things slowed down enough to think about past hijinks with Wilson. I’d hold the phone on speaker, in front of Wilson’s face, while Geiser regaled him with stories in which Wilson was the featured character…his favorite subject… interrupted occasionally by me describing Wilson’s smile, or to notify him that Wilson was trying to put the phone in his mouth. Oh we laughed! David had called only a couple of days before he passed, promising to call back, since Wilson wasn’t available at the moment. I won’t tell Wilson this heartbreaking news. It would be too hard on him, since he can’t speak. There’s no point in making him suffer, unable to express his sorrow or go to a memorial surrounded with friends. So I’m grieving alone. I’ll miss him terribly. He was friends with my former husband, sculptor John Chamberlain as well, and had many exhibitions with him over the years. Oddly a thread of continuity with marriages 35 years apart…a lovely link. He leaves behind his beautiful wife, actress Mercedes Ruehl, and sons Jake & Cameron, all of whom I send my deepest condolences. Rest in color – and Peace, beloved old friend.

I’m going to get about the business of Wilson’s Halloween Tradition today and hang the dead cat & mouse in the front. People knock on the window around this time…when I’m a WEEK LATE as I am this time, yelling “WHERE’S the CAT?” so I better get to it! I’ll post again in a few days to show you. It never gets old!

Please be Well & Safe out there, kiddos, and WEAR A MASK! (Hardly an odd demand on Halloween, but wear a safety barrier under that costume mask, please.)


I won’t speechify here, but to simply say PLEASE DumpTrump!