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June22 National Holiday for Lorraine!

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2022
Pucker up!

Pucker up!

Wednesday, June 22, I officially turn into Methuselah. How could I possibly be THIS OLD yet so childlike? Or is it childish?  It’s not likely for me to decide.
I’m writing to admit that I now barely venture beyond this room. After Wilson passed, I succumbed to what was already coming but had fought valiantly in order to take care of him as I’d promised. COVID made surgeries impossible, while deterioration & pain have continued to increase. Now, Wilson’s caregiver Rena is tasked with taking care of ME! It might be creepy if we didn’t laugh at each other as much as we always have. I’m grateful for her help as well as her company.
I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do in the future. I only know I have much to write, much to organize, and very few resources. I was good at fundraising for Wilson for 13 years, and his fans & friends were all so generous & donated regularly to the Trust to help with his care, comfort & entertainment. It’s not NEARLY as easy to ask for such assistance for myself. But I’m asking today on my birthday, in hopes you will click on the PayPal button on behalf of ME! Wilson is gone, but I’m still here, with the same needs but less money now. Rena isn’t allowed as many hours by IHSS, to care for me, so she’s making half as much as she did taking care of Wilson, which is why I’m inspired to ask for help. I can’t bear to lose her. I won’t let her look for another patient for more hours. I can’t KIDNAP her…but I COULD give her something extra, from the Trust…if donations resumed.

I know! It’s not very FESTIVE to be BEGGING on my Birthday! I hate it! I’m so uncomfortable about it I’ve now written the most TEDIOUS post ever. I hope to write something far more entertaining another time, when I’m not so mortified.

Happy Birthday to me! I wish Wilson was here. He always gave me the BEST little drawing to celebrate this day! But a couple of presents have arrived, which I’m waiting to open with my morning cup of tea, after Rena arrives.
I hope this finds everyone well. Thanks for reading this. I will follow up with a more amusing anecdote another day. Peace & Love, kiddos!