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April, the cruelest month

Friday, April 9th, 2021
It's a nice day for...

It’s a nice day for…

I want to thank everyone who has been so generous since Wilson’s passing, and for all the kind condolences & cards. I had only just been locked out of my email address weeks before Wilson passed… I lost the password right before my old iPad died! I have no idea who’s written to me, and since it’s still active it looks like I received your emails. I haven’t, I promise! It probably looks like I’m so rude I’m not bothering to reply, which has driven me mad. Please comment on here, and I’ll write back to you from my new email address. I’ve lost all my contacts of 30 years at that address. What absolutely perverse timing!

It has been two months now, and I think I’m still in a state of shock. Tomorrow I’ll contact GoDaddy and find out why I still can’t download pictures here. I spoke with them for nearly an hour last week, to iron all this out, but it still won’t work! I have some beautiful pictures I took of Wilson just two days before he passed which I’d love to share with you.

I’ll come back when I’ve fixed this, and post a whole series of new photos. I hope you’re all well and getting vaccinated! We must try to reach immunity and get back to a semblance of normalcy.

Again, thank you for your generosity and for checking in. This loss has shaken me to my core, so the comments on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter have kept me going during what seems like a terrible dream from which I cannot awaken. My beautiful family of friends & neighbors and my tiny actual family have all been so kind while I flounder around in search of my footing, rambling around  this place filled to the brim with memories & collections of Wilson’s…but I’d prefer his presence far more than his things! It will take time. Sometimes I’m merely tiptoeing in the shallows of this grief….then suddenly I’m launched into the deep end, and it seems I must learn to swim all over again. I know I can do this….. ♥️