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A Tribute to S Clay from some Pirates!

Wednesday, November 20th, 2019
PIRATES;A Tribute to S Clay Wilson by Stephan Lausl

PIRATES;A Tribute to S Clay Wilson by Stephan Lausl

The past few months have sped past at an accelerated pace, and I’ve not been posting anything. I’m so ashamed! I’ll try to keep up, and keep you posted a bit more often. My apologies!

I noticed this stunning drawing on Twitter on Sunday, and showed it to Wilson. It’s by Stephan Lausl. Wils mumbled his enthusiastic approval and I wrote to the artist immediately! I thought I’d share it with you here, since Wilson can’t draw any pirates himself. He posted two other strips today which are INCREDIBLE, so if he gives me permission, I’ll share those, too.

Wilson was recertified for Hospice care this month, I am sorry to report. I had hoped he was so much better they’d throw him off. But he’s frail and less perky, and takes midday naps now pretty regularly.

Rena stopped taking him out for walks around the block last year, when his weak, wobbly gait made it too dangerous. He would push her into the wall, then careen over towards the curb and shove her along the parked cars, looking like a couple of DRUNKS stumbling down 16th Street! The final straw was when he slid down and parked his butt on the sidewalk. She’d never let go of him in the controlled drop, and managed to haul him back up, hollering, DEMANDING he start WALKING..her speech peppered with profanity…til she realized passersby had stopped to observe. Good thing she usually wears scrubs! “He’s my patient” she explained, exasperated. “I’m trying to get him back home!” They were tentatively satisfied, and instead of perhaps calling the cops, or catching it on their cellphones, they continued on their way, leaving Rena and Wilson to proceed in their customary War of Wills.

It’s STILL GOING ON, of course! Recently I noticed her just simply lifting him off the bed, or out of his chair. On Saturday she was rubbing her shoulder in pain. “You’ve injured yourself”,I observed. “You’ve just got to stop lifting him!” She laughed at herself and said “I know. I just can’t stand BEGGING him for 45 minutes any more, trying to get him to stand up.” I pushed the transport chair into the bathroom as she backed up. Then I leaned over, wrapping Wilson in an embrace from behind, and in a soft voice, I said into his ear,”Darling. Rena can’t lift you up. She’s in terrible pain now. Will you just hold her hands and get up, under your own steam?” “YEAH” he said, reaching out to her. She held both of his hands as I released his shoulders. “Ok…GO honey” and he rose to his feet all by himself! “Are you KIDDING ME” was written all over her face, but all she said aloud was “I got you, Wilson. Now just sit down right over here”.

Oh happy day! He stood up! What an ORNERY old bastard, torturing Rena like that. I laughed, saying “You’ve opened this can of worms. You’re going to have to put them all back IN!” I was happy just to see he was not helpless…and that he was F*CKING WITH HER! How very extremely WILSON of him, the old pervert. We have to make him stop that, or pretty soon he really WILL be took feeble to stand up on his own. But HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS just loves the extra attention. Even when it might cripple both of us. Isn’t he adorable?

I hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving. I’ll take some more photos of our charming old fart, and post them for you soon. Thanks to all for your continued support, and for your generous donations to the Trust. We couldn’t make it without you!