Wilson in Emergency Surgery Today

I had to dial 911 yesterday,Going to the ERtaking Wilson to the ER as guests were arriving for his belated birthday party. He couldn’t take a step, nor answer any questions. His blood pressure was ok, but He was running a fever. He has an infection in the brain shunt, and they are performing revision surgery on it this afternoon. I am very worried. I will let you know how he is doing when I know more.

Incidentally, anyone who sent cards to our PO Box might have had it returned. I didn’t realize it was time to pay for it again, and hadn’t checked it for two weeks! I’m just so crippled lately. It’s difficult to go there, and I had let it go too long. Instead of notifying me, they simply returned everything. It is still the same number. It’s all functioning again. You can send it back!

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