75th Birthday coming July 25!!!

Wilson will soon be 3/4 of a century old. That’s a pretty big deal. Especially when you take into account the Traumatic Brain Injury he had nearly NINE years ago! I can’t believe it’s been that long.

I want to thank everyone who has donated to the Trust. It has made it possible for me to keep him here at home, where he feels loved and safe. It’s not easy, managing the ongoing care of someone in his condition. He stopped “gettin

King Neptune and his Mermaid, Druid

King Neptune and his Mermaid, Druid

g better” many years ago. His dementia has increased noticeably, and he spends much of the afternoon & evening watching movies streaming on the Telly. This keeps him entertained, since he can no longer draw. We take him out for a walk, or for a ride in the car as well, although that is becoming difficult now that my own health is also a challenge. I’m working on it….but things progress very slowly when you’re old and poor in America. Not only is it hard to get ahold of my doctors, Or get an appointment….but it’s almost impossible to get them to talk to EACH OTHER so a plan can be coordinated. I need hip & spine surgery now, as I’m in crippling pain and can barely walk. I need to stay strong so I can keep Wilson out of an institution.

I hope you will donate what you can for this birthday, so we can stay here, and get what we need for Wilson’s ongoing care here at home. It is a lot to ask after all these years, but it’s still possible to communicate with him even though he can rarely speak. I can still make him laugh, and he can still understand he is loved. So it is still vitally important to keep this incredible soul at the home he has lived in for 35 years. He is still IN THERE, even though he can’t tell you about it.

We are having a few of the Usual Suspects over for a little party, and will post pictures of the festivities later on. His birthday is July 25! Please send him a message for me to read to him, too. He loves that.


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