Posing without costume

No makeup

No makeup

I feel the need to post the photo Rena took of me on Halloween, just after taking some of her. We couldn’t retrieve Wilson to join me, as it’s become increasingly difficult to get him down the 5 steps from porch to sidewalk without the help of a BigStrongMan. There aren’t any handy at a moment’s notice, it turns out. We must both put on back braces, then coax & pull & cajole, beg, nag & threaten as we hold him up while making the descent. He is ornery & uncooperative at such times…revealing no loss of these qualities from earlier years, before his injury. So I stood there solo, while Rena snapped a photo.

I looked a bit WAN that day. It was much quicker to draw lips and shades with lashes on this picture than run back inside & apply them in reality. Better than photoshop…which I don’t know how to do, and so much more efficient!  Boo! With neon lips. I took the cat down, finally, only yesterday. We’re close to Thanksgiving, after all! Time to re-decorate. More to follow, with His Majesty, in coming days. Hoping for rain tonight, and cleaner air tomorrow.

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  1. Jason Starrett Says:

    Great picture! I like the hairy shades. And of course the cat.
    Hoping you and the esteemed Mr Wilson had a good Thanksgiving.
    I learned something new last week…in a couple of Wilsons stories one character would call another a “ Jack a’ Napes”, I always thought that was just something he made up.
    Imagine my surprise when I saw the word jackanapes in an article and had to look it up to find that its actual meaning is “ an impudent, impertinent or cheeky person”.
    Thats some clever stuff!
    So please tell him thanks for expanding my vocabulary, Im waiting for the right opportunity to call someone that in a conversation. Appreciate the updates and Merry upcoming Christmas from the other side of the country….
    Florida Guy

  2. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Hey! Thanks…I love that. I’ll read this to Wilson today. He said a new word yesterday, after only saying “yes” and “no” for nearly 3 years! I was telling him his friend wasn’t coming after all, and before I could finish, he hollered “WHY?” Oh man…that was HUGE. I kissed him & said he was still up in Sonoma, and wouldn’t be getting back til late.
    He’s going to like your story here. He understands much of what I say…although there are times it sounds like gibberish to him. Hell…that was always the case…! Thanks for writing.

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