B O O ! to YOU! 2018

Halloween Honeys

Halloween Honeys

I’ve never hung up the cat&mouse ON HALLOWEEN in the ten years since Wilson was injured…until TODAY! I just couldn’t seem to do it, in light of this day having been the anniversary of the last day Wilson was fully himself. Ten years ago HE had hung up the cat himself…for the last time. He had just finished a drawing for Kevin Webster’s birthday surprise, and we took it to Folsom Street to have Kathleen scan it. Wilson was wearing his brand new wolf mask all the way there, window down, sticking his head out at frightened children in the Mission. It had already been been a really happy morning together, and I was enjoying his glee…about being finished with the drawing on schedule, and it being one of his favorite holidaze. We were in great spirits. The following day, November 1, 2008 he was injured, and our worlds changed forever.



Today, Wilson’s caregiver, Rena, dressed up as a baby in order to embarrass her 9-year-old son at his school Halloween party. I loaned her Wilson’s striped sock monkey, and my fuzzy slippers. I think she will succeed in her perverse goal even without a giant pacifier hanging around her neck! She is a very funny woman, with a delightfully sick sense of humor.

Kitty pumpkin

Kitty pumpkin

The kitty pumpkin was from Doug&Heather, our upstairs neighbors.

with the dead cat, and the graffiti garbage can which is now a work of art, I believe our Halloween presentation is complete.


3 Responses to “B O O ! to YOU! 2018”

  1. Jason Starrett Says:

    Happy Halloween from Florida! Glad to get an update hope all is well.
    Been reading through all the Mythology of SCW books again lately and it never gets old, so much great art. Truly, Mr Wilson is the King!

  2. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Thanks so much! Ill read your message to him first thing in the morning. Thank you so much for taking the time to write.

  3. Shane Swank Says:

    This made me both happy and sad at the same time. I was one of the lucky few to have gotten one of S. Clay’s silk screened prints of the Rotting Zombie Madonna’s some years ago. It is one of my most cherished pieces of art. I desperately wish I could afford more work.

    Many years ago I found myself sitting in a jail cell (for a trumped up rather minor offense) and I had written S.Clay. To my surprise and downright amazement I received a package in return that was a copy of Geek Love, the novel by Katherine Dunn. In that moment & still to this day he was elevated to Saint status. I could never express what that means to me.

    Much Love to you Lorraine, S.Clay and even Rena. Have a safe and joyful Holiday Season

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