Sunny Sunday

We had a lovely day out in the back yard last week. The little girls from upstairs had a tea party while I repotted a plant in the sunshine. Wilson was smiling the whole time! San Francisco usually has such crummy weather in the summer (The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in San Francisco..Mark Twain), but the heat wave kept the damp foggy days away for several weeks, so it was easy to convince Wilson to go outside for awhile.
His birthday is coming up on July 25th! I am on my way down to the Apple Store right now to have them help me add a SUBSCRIPTION BUTTON on here. Soon you will be able to subscribe, donating a sum each month without having to think about it. I will add several different affordable amounts so lots of people will be able to do it without going broke. The Trust has become low in the past year, which has worried me. Hopefully, this will help build it back up. Look for it soon!

Wilson enjoying the beautiful day

Wilson enjoying the beautiful day

2 Responses to “Sunny Sunday”

  1. bri Says:

    Happy Birthday S. Clay Wilson! Forever loving your artwork. Lorraine, you seem like such a strong person, it’s amazing to see individuals supporting those who are close to them. Best of wishes and best of health!

  2. Joseph McConnell Says:

    I got behind on reading the updates. Thanks for publishing the art (June) and the birthday news.

    Here’s a memory that always warms the cockles of my heart (may not have that effect on everyone): Back in 1970 or 71, when I was a raw, callow undergrad from the back of beyond, Michigan, some associates and I did a dramatic reading of “Captain Pissgums and His Pervert Pirates”. Fortunately, no record of this effort exists.

    One day, I’d like to take a shot at transliterating that one or perhaps the story about Wes and Beverly and the Hog Ridin’ Fools meet the Checkered Demon into twenty-first century correct-speak. I kind of like the notion of Hog Ridin’ Differently-Abled Persons.

    Sending a small contribution separately. The “subscribe” thing would seem like a good idea.

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