Drawings from over the years (text below photos)

I realize I’ve not posted very many photos of Wilson’s work on here! There were many more I wanted to include, but the files were too big to download. I will adjust them,hopefully, and add them later on. His drawings have become more simple as time goes by, until the past 2 years, when he has drawn only a face, or that odd character he drew last Fall. This Spring he was able to draw only what appear to be clouds, or talk bubbles…with no figure at all. It has been heartbreaking to see this decline, which has affected every area of his life, of course, not just drawing. I hope you enjoy looking at some of his work here. It is a microscopic speck, compared to the whole body of work over his lifetime, of course. Thanks so much for checking in. I will post more information soon, as his birthday approaches on July 25th, so come back as the day gets closer!
If you click on a drawing, then click on it again, it will enlarge so you can see all the details.

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  1. Richard Suertudo Says:

    Greetings again, Lorraine & Mr. Wilson…Great to see your work, we have an ‘Artists Endeavors’ board on Pinterest…happy to post there for you if you like; http://pinterest.com/rsuertudo/artists-endeavors/
    All’s good, take care of yourself…
    Richard Suertudo, Host of THE PAPER EYE

  2. dark art Says:

    This was an immense help for me today

  3. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Yes, thank you. Just watched your Youtube video about Ma Crumb’s cookbook. thanks so much for your help. best, Lorraine

  4. August Says:

    Get him on 5000 units of carlsons cod liver oil daily to re grow his brain. Watch the longevity now video featuring Daniel ammen. Also get him off all american wheat and sugar; both are genetically modified and contaminated with glyphosate and the surfactant polyethoxalated tallow amine (a recognized endocrine disruptor) Make nut butter from walnuts, macadamia and pecans and have him eat that and nuts as snacks. Three Brazil nuts (no more than that – three provide the selenium needed by the thyroid) stay off peanut butter it’s a goitrogen and suppresses selenium and iodine function in the thyroid) get a carbon filter on his water supply and eat an avocado per day. Drink water with three drops of Lugols iodine daily.

    Dr. Dunning

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