The Happy Couple

Our wedding day, August 10, 2010 S Clay Wilson & Lorraine Chamberlain

Wilson & Lorraine at WonderCon 2010

The Thinker

Paul Mavrides, Wilson, R Crumb & Spain at the hospital, Summer 2009

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  1. kenny webber Says:

    Also Put a Little Album together on FaceBook Of My Stuff + i Hope you don’t mind Stuff from your blog …If Its not Cool ,Let me Know ..I’ll remove YOUR PIX ….your friend kenny

  2. Robin Solis (Bobbie West) Says:

    Hi Steve, et, al.

    Your in my favorite gang! A fan since 1970. Steve, I bought an original from you in 1986 and you sent it to K101 FM when I was on the air there. I spoke with Lorraine and helped get the word out about the trust. Love all you guys!

  3. Ginger & Vince Says:

    Great to hear of nuptials. Nice photos.

    Spectral light energy wishes to you
    and Wilson.

  4. Greg Smale Says:

    All the best from Kiwiland.Keep the wheels turning mate.

  5. Surely Fox Says:

    I have been mugged, by three HUGE men at 2PM in the sunny afternoon in the most exclusive part of town in front of a store, between two parded cars & on a major was awlful…thankfully, I had a friend with me, or I do not think I would be still walking and talking….they held me down and pounded all 110 pounds of me from head, face to stomach, grabbing things, breaking arms, wrists, fingers, punching so hard to my stomach that had I not had d HUGE BELT BUCKLE on I am certain that their fists would have done major damage to my internal organs also…My friend had no weapons, not even a stick or a rock could be found, her purse was locked in my car…so she screamed for help, no one came and finally pulled the ski masks (YES, they all three had on BLACK SKI MASKS!) off the huge bully who was holding me down with my arms behind my back, when she did that, they immediately left. They almost ran me over as they left the parking lot and had they or me had a gun, I am certain that I would have been shot immediately. My life has never been the same, I live in chronic pain, and have had to have back disc surgery and every disc in my spine is/has been affected. I am lucky… Steve was not so lucky, except they did not throw him in their car and dump him in the middle of no where. That is why my friend would not leave me, as she knew if they had taken me in their car, I would have been killed and left in a field somewhere, or left for dead. The state of Florida (where this occurred actually offers help for victims of violent crimes…of course, who KNOWS what is in that fund anymore given the current political world in which we are living. I truly KNOW what Wayne meant when he would say “UP JUMPED THE DEVIL” for that is what happened to me. Life is not the same, fortunately, not as bad as for STEVE by the Grace of my higher power. All my best to STEVE. I have some great photos of him at the BIG EAT….I would love to send them to you…you can privately email me and I will be glad to send them to you, if you would like them….With much empathy and love, Surely Fox (Wayne Macura’s ex-girl)

  6. Dave Melvin Says:

    Hi Steve,

    You probably don’t remember me, but I was dating Nadra Dangerfield (a.k.a. Marilyn Teeter) when you swept her off the porch roof of the that bookstore in Lawrence. Those were crazy days! I was just thinking about those days and googled you to find out what was happening with you. I was so sorry to read about your injury. I’ve always kicked myself for not buying one of your portfolios.

    Take care!

  7. matt murphy Says:

    i LOVE the hospital photo…. i am woven in the weave of the shawl that shall receive the cold shoulders of the unattended.

  8. Can't Says:

    If there is anything that I have in common with ‘this guy’ Wilson it is this: I woke up in SF General Hospital on my 48th birthday, with a lip-cut-in-half, two loose front teeth (thanks they weren’t knocked out), traumatic brain injury, and a cracked skull. Apparently, I had been attacked from behind, hit in the head with something blunt and heavy, kicked in the teeth, and stomped on…, and woke up hours later on a stretcher in the halls of SFGH. There I remained for hours naked, shivering, under a flimsy sheet awaiting medical attention. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I, like Wilson, after Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) will never be the same; …. I am an idividual, who appreciates our cartoon heritage, and S. Clay Wilson, in particular. I am affiliated only with myself, in this regard to Mr. Wilson, and Wilson SNT.

  9. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Dear “Can’t”,
    Thanks for your (horrifying) story. If only Wilson could express himself clearly now, I know he’d say he’s envious of your ability to write this post. I will write to you myself soon.

  10. Wesley Stephen Reynolds Says:

    Wesley Stephen Reynolds Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 25th, 2012 at 4:56 am
    S.Clay Wilson, I’m in hopes this finds you well. I would like to thank you for your inspiration. I too purchased a stack of underground comix as a youngster (14 yrs old) in a head shop in Old Town section of Chicago. I’ve spent endless hours drawing with pen and ink. I had dreams of being an illustrator. I wish there was a happy ending to that story but there is not. I still have that stack of 25 cent comix, dog eared an yellowed. I still make reference to Star Eyed Stella, Checkered Demon, and Captain Piss Gums. Get Well my friend I’ve never met. I love the picture of you with my other heros Crumb, Spain, and Paul Mavrides. Your Truly Wes Reynolds

  11. Bill Donohue Says:

    I’d been a fan of S. Clay’s work since I first discovered it back in the late ’60s, but I never thought I’d get to meet the man. In the ’80s, we were a hard rock band looking for a name, so I suggested Checkered Demon. Our manager contacted S. Clay and, after some bargaining, he allowed us to use the name. My best memory is of the day when S. was going to do a signing in Berzerkly, and asked us to provide the live music. We met up is SF, went to his house (saw the famed drawing closet and the coffin coffee table), and then went over to the East Bay. Since we had a few hours before the gig, we retired to a local bar to, uh, tune up for the show. We spent the afternoon drinking and, uh, imbibing the magical Incan Marching powder. Then we did the show. It was a magical moment. I still have the poster he autographed for me, and the demo tape with the cover he designed for us. He is truly a great, and greatly deranged, artist! I can make copies of the tape and cover if anyone is interested. E-mail me at Take care, S. God bless you!

  12. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    What a great story. I’ll read this to Wilson. He can no longer speak, except sometimes a yes or no to questions. But he remembers things when reminded of them. I think he will surely recall this! Thanks so much for writing it.

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