Sam Vaughn Show n' Tell

Sam Vaughn Show n’ Tell

An old pal of Wilson’s, the artist SamVaughn stopped in last Saturday to say Hello to Wilson, and show us some of his recent works. We always love an episode of Show & Tell, so Wilson was riveted by the work. He loved listening to Sam’s distinctive, blustery voice, and did his best to join in the conversation by making a few unintelligible remarks. I’m pleased our caregiver Rena was there to catch the two of them in this shot.

In the past, whenever we were driving on 17th Street, Wilson would always roll down the window at Guerrero Street, by the 500 Club, and holler in Sam’s husky voice,”HEY SAM, get off the floor”.and we’d continue on our way. There’s a story about that having to do with Sam being in his cups in there and falling over off the barstool, onto the floor, and just staying there. I think that’s when Wilson strolled in, stepped over him without so much as a pause, and said that to him just before ordering himself a drink. So he loved yelling that ever after, in passing. Ever since Wilson’s injury, I’ve taken over the tradition should we happen to drive past there together. It always makes Wilson smile, remembering it as I say it.

I’ve been sharing some of Wilson’s Hawaiian shirts with his pals, since he’s not been wearing them much in the past few years. He’s got a wild collection of vintage ones, plus some with pinup girls on them, festooned with palm trees or fishnet stockings. I wanted ┬áto share some with Sam, who is tall enough,and the perfect size. He was already wearing an Hawaiian shirt, in fact, so I put 5 of them in a bag, along with a gorgeous black leather jacket, and an overjoyed Sam left with his gifts. He’s always loved Wilson’s iconic shirt collection, and I’m happy to give them to someone who would love to actually wear this memorable, festive regalia. Good memories, with great affection attached.

Great seeing you, Sam! Happy New Year!

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