Looking Spiffy Today – Thank you all!

Birthday outfit

Birthday outfit

I had to show you how cute Wilson looks today in one of the shirts I got him for his birthday. He’s sparkling clean, fluffy, and in a fine mood. Stripes are everywhere, on the bottom of his pants, and his jazzy pink & orange socks. He likes to recline in his new transport chair with his feet up on the ottoman I found for him, instead of those awful chair pedals that attach to it.

Thank you everyone who donated to the Trust for his special holiday! I’m going to get him new bedding &pillows to replace the sadly wilted & lumpy stuff with which I’m currently torturing him, since they’re no longer what they once were. Rena hung the new curtains, which inspired him to holler an unintelligible statement of approval once I turned him around to look. All three of us like the wild red diamond shapes, which look handpainted, with tassels hanging from each center. So much more cheery than the faded & worn pastel striped upholstery fabric I hung over the windows at LEAST 6 years ago.

All smiles

All smiles

It’s my aim to brighten up and make more cheery the room he spends so much time in. He’s very sensitive to such things, and appears to be happy about these minor changes. Thank you for making it possible!

3 Responses to “Looking Spiffy Today – Thank you all!”

  1. Jason Says:

    Lookin’ smooth there Mr Wilson! Glad you are feeling better.

  2. Francesca Altamura Says:

    Hi Mr. Wilson and Ms. Chamberlain,

    I am contacting from the New Museum in New York in the hopes of receiving permission to reproduce an illustration of Mr. Wilson’s from ’87 for the forthcoming Peter Saul exhibition catalog. We have a great comic image in mind! I previously Facebook’d you from my personal account (Francesca Anne), and would love to be in touch over email (faltamura@newmuseum.org).

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

    All best,

    Francesca Altamura
    Curatorial Assistant
    New Museum

  3. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Francesca…I sent you an email, but wonder if you received it! I’ll hunt for you on FB.

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