Chrissie Hynde is Badass!

Checkered Demon Ring

Checkered Demon Ring

The late Chris Van Laer made Wilson & me Checkered Demon rings, as a gift.. He started by surprising me with this one, which proved to be too small. He made two more, with the 3rd one perfectly sized with a little bigger face. Wilson’s much bigger one came out perfect on the first try.  I knew immediately I wanted to give this to our beautiful friend, Chrissie Hynde. She’s been wild about Wilson for decades, and always gets in touch whenever she plays in San Francisco. And crazy about Wilson’s art since the beginning. I hoped she would like this very special gift, and was thrilled when she finally received it and got in touch. Last year she sent a photo of just her hand, which I posted at the time. But this photo is really great! Thank you, Chrissie, for posting this gorgeous photo of yourself, wearing the Checkered Demon ring! Wilson couldn’t stop looking at it, taking this iPad out of my hands so he could look at your beautiful face. You are so badass! And we both love you.

2 Responses to “Chrissie Hynde is Badass!”

  1. Thomas T-Bone Filip Says:

    She obviously has good taste in demons-and music!

  2. Cellery Blackrock Says:

    I commissioned a work from Wilson for my criminal defense law office – featuring me, the Checkered Demon, and a host of his standard characters. I need to rummage through some boxes to find it, and will then post it here.

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