Wilson turns 76 Today!

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Its Wilson’s 76th birthday today. I didn’t throw him a party this year in favor of a few small gatherings. I’ll take some photos of today’s group shortly, and post them. Write him a note, and I promise to read it to him! Thanks for looking in on him. It has been nearly NINE YEARS since his brain injury.

If you want to look at his drawings, just click on June 2013. I downloaded a whole slew of them there.

4 Responses to “Wilson turns 76 Today!”

  1. Jim Pennington Says:

    Happy Birthday, Mr S Clay Wilson
    We had a brief mail exchange many years ago re the Master (i.e. Mr William S. Burroughs) … and have treasured ever since those absoutely filthy little comix you sent …..
    keep growling
    it is the only language worth understanding
    Jim Pennington

  2. Jason Says:

    Happy Birthday Wilson from the guy in Florida. I really enjoyed volume 3 ” Belgian Lace from Hell” and sad that there will be no more volumes.
    Lorraine, I hope you both are well and thank you for the updates.

  3. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    Dear Jim,
    Thanks for looking in on Wilson. I’ll be sure to read this to him. We are still at the same address, should you want to send him a postcard to the house. He can no longer write, but I’m happy to help him communicate.

  4. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    That guy in Florida always cracks me up. Thanks for writing! Gee, we haven’t even received our copies of Vol.3! I better rattle some cages up there.
    I’ll read your note to His Majesty.

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