ER on Tuesday, Hopefully Home on Friday

Wake Up, Wilson!

Wake Up, Wilson!

After thinking he was just groggy on Monday from an anxiety medication, by Tuesday he was much worse, snoring as I washed his face. We called 911 for an ambulance, and took him to Davies, where he has been several times before.( They did brain surgery on him there, so it was an easy decision, taking him someplace familiar.)

Naturally these things take time. It’s stressful, being scared for so many hours! Finally they admitted him at 7pm, on IV antibiotics for a UTI, and fluids. He was already more bright-eyed than THIS scary photo, where his eyes were crossed and rolling back.

We hope to bring him home tomorrow, much improved. A UTI can cause very frightening symptoms of delusion, confusion, and grogginess. He has never had one, which has been lucky. So I’m relieved the solution has been so quick! Thanks to all for your loving messages on Facebook & Twitter.



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  1. Florida Jason Says:

    Hey Lorraine glad to hear S Clay is doing better.
    My mother in law suffered from UTIs that would put her in the hospital with all the exact symptoms you described. Weird how a UTI can make you delusional, but its for real.
    Excitedly waiting for ” Belgian Lace from Hell” to drop at the end of the month!
    All the best,

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