Checkered Demon Pin is Here Again!

Checkered Demon Pin

Checkered Demon Pin

Wilson wearing his pin

Wilson wearing his pin


This pin, created by Raynor Mauri, is once again available, at long last. He has made another batch of these limited edition pins, which became available THIS MORNING! You will need to act quickly, since last time they sold out in a very short time. An hour or so. He made more of them for this run, but they’re still a very precious item. Each one is painstakingly packaged and addressed to you by hand, ┬áso it will take a week or two to go out in the mail. This isn’t a big factory operation, but one man, doing this generous gesture for S. Clay, for nothing. He donates the entire proceeds to Wilson’s Special Needs Trust, so please be patient. They will arrive.

Raynor is a very gifted artist, as well as a TATTOO ARTIST! Take a look at his photos on Instagram and Knock Off Press.

3 Responses to “Checkered Demon Pin is Here Again!”

  1. Jason Starrett Says:

    So glad to be able to get a CD pin! Thanks for the heads up.
    Merry Christmas to you and Mr Wilson from that guy in Florida.

  2. Tom Gray Says:

    I would love to buy a pin if you do another run (I’m sure you don’t have any lying around). Maybe you could do a series, with different characters or scenes?

  3. Miami Fishing area Says:

    Miami Fishing area

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