Checkered Demon Pin by Raynor Mauri

Benefit pin for Soecial Needs Trust

Benefit pin for Soecial Needs Trust

This fabulous pin sold out in about an hour the other day, right after it was posted! I didn’t even get the chance to post it here before it was gone. The artist, Raynor Mauri, has ordered more. They will be available again in two weeks. I will announce it the minute they become available, so you’ll have a chance to place your order. We just had no idea it would be so popular. He has donated every cent to Wilson’s Special Needs Trust, keeping nothing for himself. This incredible gesture is a great help right at a time when I was starting to get very worried. The Trust helps us with nearly everything, and it hasn’t been as healthy as it once was. It has been eight years since Wilson was injured, and he stopped improving after only six months. He was the same for about a year and a half, but he is gradually declining now. He can do nothing for himself, nor can he draw any more. So be on the lookout! I will announce the pin here and on our Facebook pages the minute it’s in! And on Twitter @chamberpaint.

2 Responses to “Checkered Demon Pin by Raynor Mauri”

  1. Harry Nelson Says:

    I would like to get one of the demon pins. Can you let me know when they are available please?

  2. Lorraine Chamberlain Says:

    I have written to the creator of them, and will post a notice the minute he makes the second batch available. I also have another version of it, by William Spear. If this one doesn’t become available soon, I’ll post a photo of the original Checkered Demon pin, and send them to those who donate to the Trust. I also have zipper pulls, which are a cool option. I’ll let you know, hopefully, in a few days.

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