Happy Feet on a sunny day

Wilson and I were dropped of at Pretty Nails, for our periodical pedicures, and felt so rejuvenated we actually managed to stroll back home on our incredibly happy feet, in the afternoon sunshine. Wilson was smiling the entire time til just before Rena snapped this photo. Wouldn’t you just know it. He is just as stubborn as he always was, so he wouldn’t smile til the photography session was over. 

Oh no! As many times as I tried, suddenly I can’t include our photo. I will try again later. It’s always SOMETHING!

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  1. americancer Says:

    i would like to start by apologizing for being poor and not being able to donate anything – wish I could help – have you ever considered opening an ebay store and selling some personal items or old drawings – you could probably bring in extra money that way – and mr Wilson I believe you still can create – just a different style- try painting – nothing to specific – more or less just your feelings – convey thru strokes what you cant explain – step outside of your comfort zone – and try not to hold yourself to any standard – just create for the sake of creating – your ability as an artist has altered it hasn’t gone away– please do not take offense to this- just one artist to another trying to pass back some of the motivation your work gave me

  2. simon ones Says:

    Gosh i just read about S.Clay’s bad luck, so sorry to hear about it,hes such a great man who’s brought alot of happiness to a great many peoples lives.I hope he can come to terms with this new phase of his life,much love,peace and pedicures.

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