February 2011 Update

S Clay has been home now for 15 months. Last Fall, he got a headache, which alarmed me enough to take him to Urgent Care at UCSF. They did a new CT Scan and told us they thought he was “profoundly worse”. We spent another 10 hours in the ER while they did a spinal tap and more tests, to see if he had an infection in his brain. These tests came back negative at 3:30am, and we drove home in the quiet to find a parking place right in front of the house. Oh joy! But the negative diagnosis from the Scan wasn’t really news to me, as during the Summer I noticed he spent less and less time drawing, and they were becoming uncharacteristically simple. He is now no longer able to draw, and has slowly become more and more confused with the little things in life. It is hard for him to communicate much of the time, as his aphasia has increased, and he has great difficulty expressing himself. I still have to “put words in his mouth” when he attempts to ask a question. He is rarely able to find the words. I cannot imagine the frustration he must be feeling on a regular basis. I try to keep him cheery and engaged as much as I can in what has become a rather isolated life for both of us.

I wish to thank everyone who has sent donations to his Trust, and to those who have left comments and sent emails to us. I read everything to him, which is something he really does enjoy.

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  1. JTW Says:

    Wishing many blessings and prayers to y’all.If it weren’t for Mr. Wilson I wouldn’t be able to express myself in my work as deeply. A true comic legend indeed. :)

  2. Patrice Zappa-Porter Says:

    hi Lorraine and Wilson, God bless you both, you are so lucky to have each other. wish i could wave a magic wand and make things better for you and us all, but that magic stuff is in a bigger power’s hands! we love you both and hope to see you in person one day soon. be as well as you can be
    Candy and Nolan

  3. robert rubbish Says:

    hello thats sad about the scan i love s clays work
    he is the best underground comic artist and his work
    rocks keep up the good work you are doing i will post
    some stuff to the po box of some magazines we do
    in london
    onwards and upwards
    robert rubbish

  4. Ladybelle Fiske Says:

    Hi! I just read this (pointed in this direction by Paul Mavrides whom I know a bit from Top-Drawer days and through “Bob” and Facebook.
    I’m very sorry that things are not so good right now. Maybe the therapies you mention will help!? I am thinking of you and I want to make a donation again very soon. I’m on Unemployment but I will be glad to send what I can to a great artist. We met once in San Francisco with Trina, I believe.
    I can’t tell you how much your work has been admired by my friends and me– especially my dear friend Scott who died a couple of years ago. He worshipped the Checkered Demon.
    I am thinking of you and caring very much. Let me know if there is anything I can do. An appeal on Facebook for financial help? Maybe?
    Ladybelle Fiske (McFarlin)
    Wll contribute again.

  5. Ladybelle Fiske Says:

    I hope I put my comment in the right place! Sorry!

  6. Brian O'Connell Says:

    For what it’s worth, I relayed this site’s URL (found thanks to Tony “Drinky Crow” Maakies on Facebook) to alt.scrubgenius, the spam/troll free alternative to alt.slack. Hope it helps, good luck and get well!

  7. Steve Gibson Says:

    Hi, Wilson,

    Ihad the honour of being published along side of you in the ’80’s in UK U/G Knockabout Comix.

    What a thrill for me & afterwards I wrote to you & you sent me a signed brochure from one of your exhibitions.

    Anyway, you are The Greatest Underground Cartoonist, and a great influence on me. I wish you well.

    “Stay cool Dude!”


  8. Recessions and Yield Curves « Mind on Money Says:

    […] and appreciate the greatness of the Demon and S.Clay’s other characters, you might want to stop by and donate to help him with uncovered medical […]

  9. David Mohrman Says:


    I have a signed artist print numbered 8/16 of an ENGRAVING of S. Clay Wilson’s “Poet’s Hell”. My searches online indicate that this may be fairly valuable now and I would like to sell it but don’t know any galleries or dealers that might be interested in it – but I’ll bet someone here does!

    If I can sell this print at a reasonable price I would gladly donate a significant percentage to the trust fund.

    Please contact me through this forum to make arrangements.


  10. John Shelton Says:

    The first time I saw one of Wilson’s strips (in one of the Zaps, I think), I was amazed. It hadn’t occurred to me that you could do things so outrageous and provocative and absolutely wonderful. It opened my conciousness wide open and it’s never closed. So many thanks for being who you are and letting the rest of us in on it! I don’t know much about the problems you’ve got and whether or not there’s any possibility of them getting any better, but I do surely hope that happens, one way or another. You’ve left a powerful legacy and I hope you can add to it. Take care.

  11. Wesley Stephen Reynolds Says:

    Wesley Stephen Reynolds Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    August 25th, 2012 at 4:56 am
    S.Clay Wilson, I’m in hopes this finds you well. I would like to thank you for your inspiration. I too purchased a stack of underground comix as a youngster (14 yrs old) in a head shop in Old Town section of Chicago. I’ve spent endless hours drawing with pen and ink. I had dreams of being an illustrator. I wish there was a happy ending to that story but there is not. I still have that stack of 25 cent comix, dog eared an yellowed. I still make reference to Star Eyed Stella, Checkered Demon, and Captain Piss Gums. Get Well my friend I’ve never met. I love the picture of you with my other heros Crumb, Spain, and Paul Mavrides. Your Truly Wes Reynolds

  12. Kevin E. Kral Says:

    Mr. Wilson, I still have every Wilson comic I ever bought – I could never part with them. My friends and I have laughed with you since the mid-seventies, and we laugh just as loudly now as ever. You will always have our respect and affection.
    Yours very sincerely, Kevin Kral
    ps. No-one will ever touch your skill with pen and ink!

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